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Who we are.
Know Invest Tech

Invest Tech is an investment firm focused on Venture Capital and Private Equity. The firm’s team has over 20 years of experience in mergers, acquisitions and fund raising transactions and in investing and managing IT and Telecommunications companies. Invest Tech seeks to maximize companies and entrepreneurs’ businesses values in order for these companies to foster a more solid and dynamic economically society.

Investment Strategy

Invest Tech targets innovative companies in the knowledge-based sectors (information technology, telecommunications, education, agritech, cleantech and healthcare) where technology is the main tool to improve performance and leverage market positioning.

Investment Criteria.
How we think.

Ticket size:
R$ 2 million to R$ 50 million

Development stage:
Seed Capital and Growth Investment

Investment structure:
Equity or debt

Representation in the Board of Directors: Required

Company size:
Up to R$ 300 million in annual revenues

Market segment :
Preferably B2B or B2B2C

Funds participation:

Investment period (expected):
3 to 7 years

Examples of Target Sectors

IT and Telecom

Internet of things, telecom operators, monitoring providers, network management, value added services, wireless networks, mobile solutions, software developers, service providers, etc.

Fin Tech

Financial conciliation software, integration with management tools, Big Data, credit scoring, consumer assessment, card payments, own platform transaction processing, TEF – Financial Electronic Transaction, unbanked inclusion, etc.


Credit evaluation, freight routing solutions, management solutions for GPS systems, harvesting management, process automation, soil quality management, etc.


RIS (Radiology Information System), LIS (Laboratorial Information System), PACS (Picture Archiving and Communication System), management services of chronic patients, cost reducing services for the network, etc.


Software/infrastructure integration solutions, electrical system efficiency, capture and emission information systems for CCEE, M2M, equipment/software to monitor processes with business rules.


LMS (Learning Management System), CMS (Content Management System), EAD (Distance Education Platform), distance education provider, service provider on distance education platform, etc.


Vehicle Tracking, Saas solutions for integration and cost reduction, disrupted information platform analysis, hardware/software solutions for service delivering with recurring revenue, cost reduction.


Antivirus, Anti-DDOS & cyber attacks, threat dealing solutions, product combination of integrated software, firewall solutions, MSS (Managed Security Services), IT managed services, etc.


Capital Tech 1

  • Vintage Year: 2008
  • Investment Status: Divesting
  • Fund Size: R$ 31.4 million

Capital Tech 2

  • Vintage Year: 2014
  • Investment Status: Currently Investing
  • Fund Size: R$ 209 million

Capital Tech VC

  • Vintage Year: 2016
  • Investment Status: Raising
  • Fund Size: Between R$ 65 million and R$ 85 million